Ensigna Now Offers NanoString GeoMx DSP Services

High-plex biomarker imaging with spatial quantification on your FFPE sections.


GeoMX DSP is the first platform to provide high-plex and high-throughput spatial profiling of RNA and protein from a single FFPE section. It enables researchers to identify, spatially map and quantify RNA and protein analytes. The GeoMx DSP utilizes predesigned or custom panels, enabling quantification of up to 96 proteins and over 1,000 RNA molecules on FFPE sections. The tunable region-of-interest selection allows dynamic profiling from complex heterogeneous regions to rare cell specificity. GeoMx DSP provides a comprehensive solution with optimized workflows, off-the-shelf validated assays and integrated data analysis software. Combining Ensigna’s two main areas of expertise, IHC and gene expression analysis, we can now get single cell resolution and digital profiling data for 10’s-1,000’s of RNA or protein analytes.


Here is an example of a bladder cancer section stained with three fluorescent markers: Pan-CK (green),  CD45 (red) and DNA (blue). Masks were applied to delineate the tumor compartment in green/blue (PanCK+) and the stroma in magenta (CD45+). Protein expression was then analyzed independently in these two regions (heat map).



This figure gives you a sense of the capabilities and the new possibilities offered by GeoMX DSP. To learn more about the technology and our services:

• Visit the Nanostring GeoMX DSP website at: https://www.nanostring.com/products/geomx-digital-spatial-profiler/geomx-dsp

• Email us at info@ensigna.com to schedule a free consultation.