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Quantitative Image Analysis to Get the Most Out of Your Staining

Ensigna Biosystem’s workflow includes staining, whole slide imaging and then quantitative image analysis of biomarkers. Image analysis leverages advanced algorithms on histology images to provide faster, broader, and more precise analytical results to move your research forward. We specialize in delivering high-throughput and quantitative tissue analyses of biomarkers in multiple areas of drug discovery and cancer research.

We have capabilities for digital whole slide imaging in both chromogenic and fluorescence. We acquire high resolution images using the Huron© Digital Pathology & Aperio© scanners in brightfield and the ZEISS Axio Imager 2 in fluorescence. For the generation of quantitative data, we use Indica Lab’s HALO© AI image analysis platform which gives us the ability to classify tissue, isolate specific tissues for analysis, and utilize nuclear, cytoplasmic and membranous algorithms to quantify immunohistochemstry signals. By utilizing the AI system for your image analysis projects, we can train the algorithm to quantify tissue classes, segment tissue classes for analysis with other HALO image analysis modules, to find rare events or cells in tissues, and to categorize cell populations into specific phenotypes.

Image analysis algorithms we use:

  • Tissue Classification
  • Tissue Registration
  • Cytonuclear Quantification
  • Area Quantification (brightfield & immunofluorescence)
  • HighPlex Immunofluorescence
  • MultiPlex Immunofluorescence

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